Franklin-based wellness center launches new treatment for alcohol dependence

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Tennessee with nearly one million adults suspected of having an alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction, according to SAMHSA, yet most go without getting the help they need.

To address this crisis, Tennessee Ketamine & Wellness Center is launching a new protocol, Ketamine for Alcohol Dependance or “KAD,” to treat alcohol dependance in the Nashville area.

Led by Dr. Randall Malchow, an acknowledged U.S. expert on ketamine administration, the KAD treatment is among the first of its kind in the United States. It works by disrupting the “maladaptive reward memories” found in alcohol dependance, decreasing depression, and promoting self-image and other favorable values that benefit a sober lifestyle. Clinic patients have found a significant reduction in their alcohol intake because of ketamine therapy, with a greater than 90% reduction in alcohol intake.

“KAD is an exciting new addition to the services we can offer patients suffering from alcohol addiction,” said Dr. Malchow, medical director, Tennessee Ketamine & Wellness Center. “Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen great success with ketamine infusion therapy for opioid dependence, as well as chronic pain and mental health.

“The results we’re seeing clinically for KAD are promising so I am thrilled to bring this treatment to Nashville-area residents.”

The ideal candidate for KAD treatments is a patient with mild to moderate alcohol dependance, especially if associated with depression and/or anxiety, without a history of complicated alcohol withdrawal, who desires a transformative change to a healthier lifestyle.

The protocol is customized to each patient, so treatment lengths may vary. For more information and pricing, visit or call 615-813-5006.

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