Ketamine Treatments From a Nurse’s Perspective

What a privilege and honor it has been to learn about Ketamine treatments and meet the staff and clients of AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center located right outside of Nashville, TN. Be sure to listen to all three podcasts in the playlist to get the full scope of not only what Ketamine can do for people, but also to learn more about this wonderful practice.

In this episode of Inside Story Hunters Podcast, I want you to meet Nurse Dawn Forhetz of AMG and hear her own incredible and inspirational story, from her desert storm days, to her 35-year experience in nursing, to her own heartache and struggles. Her life’s passion has always been to help people and she has positioned herself, filled with hope and faith, to see hurting people healed and restored as a result of the great work that they do at AMG.

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